Simply relax... lapping waves at your feet, a great book, timeless days, daydreaming in a beach-side hammock... palm-filtered sunlight... the call of the rare Gau parrot echoing in the jungle interior. Or.....

Nuku FijiImmerse yourself!  Take a dip in the Koro Sea. Sip tropical fruit drinks at the beach bar.  Intimate dinners for two.... moonlit walks along the bay.  Fly fish at dawn.  Experience one of the world's foremost pristine dive sites.  Hike the virgin rain forest trails of the mysterious interior mountains and river valleys. Collect shells on the beach. Paddle a sea kayak around the bay. 

A most memorable part of any visit to Gau Island is the renowned Fijian hospitality and culture including traditional song, dance and the Kava ceremony!
Nuku Fiji Resort - Where tropical Paradise meets Old World Charm
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