Gau Island, (pronounced, "Now") is Fiji’s fifth largest and lies in the Koro Sea, east of  Viti Levu island and the capital city of Suva. Gau is relatively remote and supports a small Fijian population of subsistence farmers and fisherman in sixteen traditional villages along it’s coast. The island enjoys a pleasant tropical climate year-round with comfortable air and water temperatures and adequate rainfall to support the lush vegetation of a rain forest ecosystem.

Nuku Fiji - IslandNuku Resort lies on the protected leeward west coast of the island, on a three mile long rain forest peninsula. The resort occupies a 25 acre site and is fronted by a marine zone, including two bays. The main beach is approximately 500 meters of soft golden sand.  Other deserted beaches extend in either direction along the coastline.

A rugged mountainous interior gives way to coastal lowlands and river plains feeding off the central highland.  Gau is home to a rich assortment of tropical flora and fauna including the rare Kacau, or Fiji Petrel, which is endemic to the island, the Vesi Banded Iguana and the Gau Parrot. The natural resources of the island have provided the Fijian inhabitants with building materials, wild foods, herbal medicine, tropical oils and other materials to sustain their traditional way of life over the centuries and to this day.

 A living coral reef encircles the island buffering it from the intensity of the open sea and creating an extraordinary marine environment. Dolphins, turtles, whales and many species of tropical fish live in and around the fascinating and beautiful coral reef and the tranquil lagoon it creates. These waters are a dream come true for all manner of water-based activities.

Nuku Fiji Resort - Where tropical Paradise meets Old World Charm
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