The islands of the Lomaviti Group offer almost virgin fishing experiences. Casting over-sized poppers into the backwash of the barrier reef at Gau is an adrenaline rush as you watch your lure get hammered by the local Giant Trevally population weighing in at around 50kg as well as the Yellow Fin, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Marlin, Wahoo and Walu. Night fishing in Nigali Passage is thrilling and offers Coral Trout and other superb seafood for the table.

Among a variety of fishing styles, we offer a number of jigging options, in both deep and shallow water. If you want to target massive Dogtooth tuna there are few better places than the waters around Gau, home to some of the biggest tuna anywhere!

*Please note: Sport fishing and diving excursions to the world-class Nigali Passage or Thumbaistha Reef may be arranged upon request and are based on sea conditions, weather and availability.

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